About Me

I'm a 24 year old Australian wedding photographer living in Melbourne, with a great love of films, books, art and music. I'm terrified of flying but I have an insatiable urge to travel! I like to keep myself busy but work on my own terms. I strike a good balance between loving company, conversation and occasional craziness but also enjoying quietness and solitude. Above all I try to be interesting and kind, and make people laugh. I absolutely love photographing people, and wedding photography allows me to do exactly that on one of the most significant days of a family's lives.

Frequently Asked Questions...


Why are your prices so low?

This is a totally valid question! I get this from clients and peers alike. Logistically I keep my expenses low so that I don't have a ton of running costs. I don't buy new equipment very often and when I do I get it secondhand and I don't pay for advertising, my USB/album packaging isn't fancy and I reuse as much as possible. The much more important reason though is that lifestyle is more important to me than income. I like to work with people who want to create a meaningful and intimate wedding, with beautiful pictures and videos, without taking out a loan or depleting their life savings. I prefer to charge less and work with awesome couples who are having smaller, more personal weddings than big budget weddings which look spiffy but are not as relaxed. I also LOVE my job, I feel like I've already reached a point where I'm loving every day and not dreading going to work, so as long as I earn enough to live comfortably and travel each year I'm happy as Sally.


Why do you only shoot weddings of 130 guests or less?

I only get to spend one day with your guests, but I like for them to get to know me a little bit so that they feel comfortable with me wandering around pointing a camera at them. Not only do I enjoy my work more that way, I also get better shots and do a better job. I like to recognise faces, learn some names and have a chat with your family members. When there are 150 different faces it just doesn't happen that way unfortunately. If you really love my work I do occasionally make exceptions, but it will likely involve an additional cost for a second photographer during your reception.


Will you travel for weddings and if so how much do you charge?

Yep! I charge very reasonably for travel too, just get in touch and I will let you know the travel fee for your location.


Can I involve my pets in the wedding/my dog will be at the house during prep and he's real big is that ok?